A small gas stove is a practical thing for on the road, but also during power outages. Usually you operate gas stoves with gas cartridges, but you may store only a few of them at home in germany. So I wanted to know: How much gas does my camping stove use and how far can I get with a 500g butane gas cartridge.


This text was translated with the help of Deepl!

The recently released Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is in my opinion the best outdoor watch and comes with the free "TopoActive" card.

This map is - in my opinion - based on OSM (OpenStreetMap), but it lacks details and does not fit the high standard of such a high quality watch. In addition, the map is limited, not even Crete is included.

If you want to have a more detailed map for the Alps on the Fenix, you can also buy the TOPO TransAlpine+ PRO from Garmin for ~ 150 €, but I advise against it, because this map contains the same absurd errors as the maps from Outdooractive.

Paths lead in canyons, do not exist, the actual paths are missing, an impertinence to demand money for it. In my opinion, this is not only true for Garmin, but also for Outdooractive. Unfortunately, these are the only maps I know of with a slope gradient layer, which is very useful for planning tours in the snow in winter.

A very good alternative to the maps available at Garmin is the OSM-based map from www.freizeitkarte-osm.de, which I recommend, with a little adjustment, for the Garmin Fenix 6.


Anyone who knows me knows that the regular near-accidents with walking sticks on my mountain tours annoy me, as I believe that walking sticks limit the balance of most participants.

In my opinion, the participants, who often use walking sticks, are usually the most insecure.

I have been organising mountain tours for years - and one thing never ceases to amaze me:

Participants are talked into all kinds of useless stuff in the sports shops - but the important things are missing.

One such equipment detail - which in my opinion is essential - is "Grödeln", which is the subject of this short article.