Joomla web pages are often created with - numerously available - ready templates.
This is quick and usually looks quite good.

However, if you have your own layout/CI and want to use it in Joomla!, it may make sense to have your own Joomla! template programmed.

Your own layout in Joomla!

In the first step a graphic designer with web experience creates a layout, which he hands over to me after approval.

Costs and effort are reduced if the layout is based on the functions of Joomla!
It makes sense here to involve programmers - like myself - early in the process.

Programming is done by means of a Joomla! installation, in which the sample content is entered. The template is then programmed using this content. You see the progress and can also make adjustments right away.

In my many years of practice, template programming and building a new site run in parallel in the same Joomla installation. At the end of programming your website is ready - all you have to do is enter the content.

Customer, graphic designer and programmer work together during the entire development.

I create slim and fast Joomla! templates, this website is based on such a template.

Your Joomla!-Template

  • where possible, I avoid gimmicks
  • fast loading
    • Use of intelligent caching
    • slim CSS
    • slim XHTML code
    • no slow external data sources
    • only what is needed is programmed
  • responsive web design
    • looks good on any device
  • no integration of external data sources
    • No data protection problems
    • no external dependencies
    • no passing on of data to external websites
    • no slowing down of loading times
  • simply update
    • Joomla core functions or overrides are used
    • Updates of the Joomla! main versions often require no or only a few adjustments.
  • print layout
    • also the printout looks good

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail.