Tailor-made T-shirts? That sounds great. For some time now, I've seen ads on Facebook for Son of a Taylor's bespoke T-shirts.

Especially interesting: These are also available in merino wool.

With the merino wool it is such a thing, on the one hand merino has great qualities:

  • warms super in winter

  • is not cold when wet, for example when you are sweating in the heat

On my mountain tours I can't do without merino. Underwear, hat, 1st layer, all merino, trousers, jackets, vests with merino content.

On the other hand, there are hardly any useful merino goods for daily wear, for example in the office, on the market:

  • Ortovox has quite good products, but they are not suitable for everyday use due to their colour, shape and printing.
    Customer support is also arrogant. I once complained to Ortovox because the product descriptions on the website were wrong and I went to a specialty store to find out that the product did not have the advertised feature. The answer: I would like to read the terms and conditions, no liability is assumed for the information on the website.
  • SuperNatural: Good quality, but no discreet and business-suitable cuts
  • At Icebreaker I had to complain about 50 % of the shirts so far, the quality is simply very poor. Open seams, flaws in the fabric, twisted shirts and tousled neck:
    No, you don't get the neck straight no matter what you do.
    No, you don't get the neck straight no matter what you do.
  • Kaipara is annoying with huge prints and there is no dark grey with V-neck:
    This was promised in autumn 2017, but not kept.
    Who wants such a nasty patch on their merino shirt for 70 euros from Kaipara?
    Who wants such a nasty patch on their merino shirt for 70 euros from Kaipara?

So Son of a Tailor would actually be a good solution if you were to deliver.

On the website is written:

So I expect the shirts to be there after 21 days.

But nothing there:

Son of a tailor order status as of 12.06.2018
Son of a tailor order status as of 12.06.201


Ordered on 22.05.2018. On 23.05.2018 production allegedly started (according to e-mail). So the shirts should be here by 13.06.2018 at the latest.

After I smelled the roast already, because there should have been a shipping notice, I asked Facebook on 09.06.2018, no answer. Funny, because before they answered immediately and Facebook claims: "Usually answers within one day". Asked by email on 11.06.2018, today came the answer that there were "blablabla delays, one could not give an exact date, maybe the week still goes on the journey, maybe next week".

Hm, I'm losing faith in this:

  • the provider suddenly stops responding on Facebook
  • the delivery time is over and:
    • you are not informed about delays, but have to ask
    • and the shirts aren't even produced yet?

Hm, very sad. I was really looking forward to the shirts because they are dark grey and would have been suitable for business, but now it is a case for the Paypal buyer protection.

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